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Our Privacy Policy

By registering on, you enter a relationship with us. We value this relationship and it is important that you understand the nature of that relationship, which is explained in the Terms and Conditions below. IDYLIK FILMS respects your privacy. Any information that you provide during registration is for internal use only. We will not share your personal details with third parties. By registering on this site you are gaining membership to the Idylik Community and are agreeing to the following: We are granted permission to set browser cookies, in accordance with European law. You can delete those cookies at any time in the Preferences Pane of your browser when ending your session. We are granted permission to send emails containing information pertinent to your membership and licensing, from ‘’ to your registered email address. If you did validate the "I accept to receive Idylik newsletter" option in your profile, your registered email address will be included in our mailing lists for both Idylik News and Idylik Offers. YOUR PROFILE AND THE DATA WE KEEP When suscribing to any Idylik Nomad or Idylik Pro package, we'll hold all information that you provide during the registration. DELETING YOUR PROFILE You can delete your profile whenever you wish by sending an email to and all data regarding your membership will then be removed from our servers We'll keep a trace of your registration details in accordance with the European law regulations.
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