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The Virtual House
for Independent Films





You wish to know more about the Idylik Universe? Discover our Charter and become an Idylik Pro member.
Idylik Pro addresses in priority small businesses willing to display a digital shop window of their activity. Many VOD platforms already exist like Vodeo or Create Space … Idylik Films originality stands in the fact that she provides for each member a shared space independently manageable and constantly modifiable, each member holding a share of the whole digital space.
Idylik Films first mission is to organise the broadcasting and survival of the audio-visual and cinematographic heritage of her members in a well controlled economic environment. The more subscribers join the platform, the less expensive the managerial costs will be, enabling her members to capitalize their revenues or buy new services at a discounted price.
idylik Films aims to be an outstanding example for her transparent and efficient management. Modern technology makes an optimized and democratic use of resources now possible. Thanks to high-performance software, each film will benefit from a secured, private, instant and simplified interface. It will be possible to know the traffic, the generated revenues, the site maintenance costs at any time.
Those generated net revenues will be credited to the producers' account offering various options. The producer will have the choice between buying other services granted by the platform at unbeatable discounted prices, investing in idylik Films or immediately transferring the revenues through Paypal or any other mean of payment.
In a near future, each film will need an ISAN registration number and a clear identification of the authors in order to be added to the platform so each author or his representative agent will instantly be notified when his/her film is being streamed.

Idylik Films commission covers the site maintenance costs including a specific effort made in favour of handicapped people so for each film registered on the website, idylik Films will look for the needed financing in order to make it accessible for hearing -impaired and deaf people, for visually impaired and blind people.
With a few clicks, the innovative and interactive Idylik Films interface will allow Idylik Pro suscribers not only to benefit from negotiated prices with numerous post-production companies (on digitisation, storage of Masters on a secure server, copy of the film on any format from HD Betacam to DVD, conversion to any codec), but also to broadcast the films through VOD for any platform (PC, smartphones, tablets), each member defining the market price for the film he/she holds the rights for.
In parallel, Idylik Films will open her website to the actors and technicians, in order to promote the exchange of experiences with other members from the website and from other countries. It is already possible for any technician actor author composer who worked on a film registered with Idylik Films to benefit from a CV webpage with built-in links to the films she or he worked on at a moderate price.
Our industry gets often shaken by economic hazards. The influence of television has led some of us to think that our jobs are threatened by an ongoing standardization of creative works. Idylik Films believes that diversity is the key and aims to make it accessible in one click as the best protection against standardization.